Silicone plug SILEXD
  • Silicone plug SILEXD
  • Silicone plug SILEXD
  • Silicone plug SILEXD
  • Silicone plug SILEXD
  • Silicone plug SILEXD
  • Silicone plug SILEXD

Anal Plug M Double Density Model 1

Silicone plug SILEXD


SilexD offers fans of anal pleasure this Medium size, double density and heat-reactive butt plug, 11 cm long by 6.2 cm in diameter, made of Premium shape memory silicone.

The Medium SilexD plug features an ultra soft premium silicone skin with dual density Silexpan filling and a hard inner core, for extremely realistic sensations.

The revolutionary patented SILEXPAN formula used to fill the anal plug allows for better density and greater flexibility of the plug. This surprising material offers greater elasticity of the sex toy.

For more anal sensations, the sex toys in the SilexD dual sensation range can be placed in the refrigerator to make them firmer or in the microwave for less than 60 seconds to make them more flexible.


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The SilexD model 1 anal plug is available in 4 sizes:

  • Anal plug size XS: 8 x 4.5 cm
  • Anal plug size S: 9 x 5.2 cm
  • Anal plug size M: 11 x 6.2 cm
  • Anal plug size L: 13 x 7.2 cm

Features :

  • Black silicone butt plug
  • Very flexible shape memory plug
  • Realistic “soft” touch
  • Inner material: Silexpan
  • Outer material: Ultra soft high quality silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Non-porous
  • Dimensions: 11 x 6.2cm
  • Without phthalates
  • latex free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to clean

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Anal Plug M Double Density Model 1